IDkollen rest API – customer identification simplified

If you are looking for the simplest and most efficient way to implement Swedish BankID for signups, logins, e-signatures, customer identification and more. Then look no further.
Simply apply for a free test account for 30 days. You will get full access to our well documented test environment including Swedish and English support.
You can choose to convert to a live account simply by accepting our general terms and price plan. A BankID certificate will then be created, and you will get access to your live account.
Via our API, your integration with BankID becomes a simpler part of the development process, compared to implementing it on your own.
We also provide a company-unique certificate so that the company’s name appears in the display when the customers identify themselves with BankID.
Our API documentation is simple and clear and simplifies the implementation.

Get started easy

  1. Get started almost instantly
    When creating a test account, you will get free access to our sandbox where you can test your project. Usually within the same day
  2. Testing is free of charge
    Getting started in our sandbox is free of charge and includes instructions and support from our experienced developers
  3. A simple and competitive pricing model
    We offer a simple and competitive pricing model which includes everything you need including SLA, BankID certificate and love from our customer success team
  4. One API for all the Nordics
    We are partners with the leading Nordic eIDs such as BankID in Norway, MitID in Denmark, the Finnish Trust Network (FTN) and Freja eID.

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